Samsung Galaxy S owners in the UK have probably already noticed that they have not seen the 2.2 update that was said to be available via KIES November 30th. Well not surprisingly the update was delayed (again) and T-Mobile has made another official response detailing the delay.

In a post on the official forums T-Mobile UK states:

“Hi folks

I’ve been talking to the handset team and the Samsung people today and the latest news is as follows.

Unfortunately the 2.2 update will not be available via KIES today as expected and Samsung have confirmed that FOTA will not feature as part of this update, but should appear at a later date. Samsung are indicating the firmware will be made available at some point next week. We’ll keep you posted with further updates as we get them.”

The OTA update has been scrapped altogether and we are (again) left in the dark of a planned release date. We really have no idea why Samsung is having such a hard time delivering Android 2.2 to it’s array of devices around the world. With many delays in Europe and not even hitting US Galaxy Devices yet, we sure hope we will see the update before Gingerbread becomes the new standard.

[Via TechRadar]