Yes, the saga continues. The launch of the HTC Desire in the UK has been a huge mess so far. First it’s ready to go, and then there has been delay after delay. T-Mobile may come to the rescues soon with this large shipment of handsets.

T-Mobile is expecting 10,000 HTC Desires to arrive on Wednesday of next week. These additional handsets will be sent to users that are still waiting on their shipment to arrive. So, if you have been waiting on your order, you have a short week left before it is, hopefully in your hands.

A comment from a user at T-Mobile’s forum:

“I have just been informed by a T-Mo store manager (chippenham) that they’re expecting to get stock in store on Wednesday. 10,000 handsets are on their way from HTC as we speak and should get to the T-Mo central distribution/warehouse a few days before Wednesday, fulfilling phone and online orders before the remainder gets filtered down to the high street stores”

[via eurodroid]


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