When you have a device that needs fixing, you want to be able to go to the most convenient one that offers same-day repairs and legitimate parts. If you’re a T-Mobile user and you’ve subscribed to their Device Protection plan, soon you’ll be able to walk to a nearby T-Mobile retail store and hopefully get your smartphone or tablet fixed. They are upgrading 500 of their stores to be able to bring users in-store and same-day repairs from certified experts.

If you’re subscribed to the T-Mobile Protection service, soon you’ll be able to use the T-Mobile Store Locator to find the store nearest you that offers in-store and same-day repairs from certified Assurant experts. If you didn’t know yet, Assurant is the insurance company that supports the device protection plans for the carrier. There will soon be an online appointment tool as well so booking your schedule should be hassle-free.

The certified technicians in each store will be using OEM-approved parts but of course it will also depend on which ones they have on hand. If in case there are no parts available, an Assurant-authorized repair center can offer a replacement device but the deductible will also depend on your protection plan tier. This is the first time that T-Mobile is offering in-store repairs and they promise that service locations will be found in every major city in the U.S.

The Protection plan is also getting an upgrade. Instead of the three claims every 12 months offered at industry standard, Assurant will now be covering up to five claims per year. There is no list of devices though that are covered by the in-store repairs but we’ll probably eventually get something as we don’t expect all smartphones and tablets can still be repaired. For now, we assume that most of the newer ones will be part of this.

The T-Mobile retail stores will start accepting in-store same-day repairs by November 1 which is when subscribers can start searching the locator. The Protection plan starts at $7 per month (plus taxes) and comes with other device protection benefits as well.


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