Sprint LTE network

T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint is a done deal. We’re keeping ourselves updated as a lot of changes are being made. Last year, we noted that more than a dozen devices wouldn’t work with the network by January 2021. As T-Mobile continues to expand, some Sprint subscribers may be affected. By next year, T-Mobile is officially shutting down the Sprint LTE network. By June 30, 2022, T-Mobile will close the 3G CDMA network. It’s a later date compared to the earlier information that it will be shut down on January 1, 2022.

The move happened because Dish Network requested T-Mobile to maintain the network for a while. T-Mobile earlier denied the request. T-Mobile is still working on plans to integrate Sprint after its acquisition.

T-Mobile is using Sprint’s tower and spectrum assets to build a 5G network. It’s also working now to bring Sprint customers off. About 33% of Sprint customers are now on T-Mobile’s network.

T-Mobile said: “Moving customers who are on old networks onto modern, advanced high-speed networks means they will need to have phones and devices that can tap into the latest technologies and don’t rely on older ones. We’ll ensure that we support our customers and partners through the transition. We began sending notifications late last year, and everyone who needs to act will be given advanced notice and hear directly from T-Mobile.”

T-Mobile isn’t turning off the 2G network yet. The older GSM 2G and UMTS 3G networks will be retired soon.


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