Just a few months after T-Mobile decided to increase the “Fair Usage” threshold for their customers to 32GB, a source has said they will once again increase this to 50GB. This means that for users to be deprioritized when it comes to data usage, they will have to consume more than that 50GB of data. Competitors AT&T and Verizon currently have a 22GB threshold, so even if this news isn’t true, T-Mobile still has an advantage over the other carriers.

Just in case you’re not familiar with this whole Fair Usage threshold, those who are on an “unlimited” data plan do not really experience unlimited data technically. You can enjoy fast (well, if it’s fast in your area) data as promised, but once you reach that data cap, in this case, T-Mobile’s supposed 50GB threshold, you will experience reduced speeds during network congestion hours. You are deprioritized over other users who haven’t yet reached that cap.

But lest you think that T-Mobile plans to increase their threshold every quarter, they won’t spoil you that easily. It looks like the 50GB figure may be here to stay for some time, and it no longer involves a percentage of data users. Still, that is way more than what its competitors are offering, so once again, the carrier can boast about having “America’s best unlimited network.”

But then again, this is still an unconfirmed rumor. Be assured though that if they do make an announcement, they will not do it quietly, as with past experiences with T-Mobile.