If you’ve wanted to switch to another carrier but you still have to pay off your smartphone contract with your current one, T-Mobile has good news for you. Well, if that’s the carrier you want to switch to of course. In another seemingly expensive bid to get switchers, T-Mobile said it will pay off your current contract if you owe no more than $1,000 and if you have an eligible smartphone. The payoff funds will be given through a prepaid MasterCard.

This promo actually started last October 22 so those who are eligible can now avail of this if they’re switching to T-Mobile. All you have to do is bring the smartphone that you got from your current carrier to any T-Mobile retail store. You also need to bring a copy of your last phone bill. If they determine that your documents and existing contract is valid, they will pay off the device up to $1,000 per smartphone and the maximum limit is 5 devices.

You will have to order a T-Mobile SIM card and sign up for a new plan of course. You will also need to have your phone number ported to your new account. After you’ve finished all those steps, you’ll submit a rebate to get the payoff funds. You need to submit your SIM card number plus a copy of your device payment plan with the other carrier. If all documents are approved you’ll then receive a virtual prepaid MasterCard within 15 days.

It’s not a seamless process of course as there are several steps and documents that you need to submit. But the fact that you’ll be able to get your device paid off and you can switch to a carrier you actually like should make the hassle worth it. This is also beneficial for those who are still relatively early in the device payment contract and is paying for a pretty expensive smartphone. T-Mobile is hyping up its 5G network as a reason to switch.

There are several T-Mobile plans that you can choose from including the least expensive one, Essentials, at just $60/month. There’s also the Magenta plan at $70/month and the Magenta MAX at $85/month, if what you need is faster mobile hotspot data.


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