If you’ve been curious about Blackberry’s first smartphone on the Android platform, the PRIV, then you might want to consider getting it through your friendly neighborhood uncarrier, T-Mobile. Starting next week, you can avail of the device through their JUMP! On Demand plan and you don’t need to make any downpayment just to be able to get your hands on this baby. Plus, you get a lot of unlimited stuff like text, calls, data, and even music streaming if you sign up.

If you’ve been living under a rock and are not familiar with why people are curious about the PRIV, well it is Blackberry’s attempt at smartphone redemption and their first to be powered by Android. PRIV stands for privilege and privacy, and so you can expect high-end specs as well as extra security features that should make it stand out from the others in its category in the market. One thing that does make it different is that it has two keyboards, one a virtual on-screen keyboard, and the other a slide-out physical keyboard that makes it truly Blackberry.

Under the JUMP! On Demand plan, existing subscribers do not need to have a waiting period or pay upgrade fees just to avail of the new device. And once they subscribe, they get unlimited data and text in more than 140 countries, 4G LTE data, unlimited calls and texts to Mexico and Canada. You also get unlimited music streaming apart from your data and currently there are 40 music services in it.

The Blackberry PRIV on T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand plan will be at just $34 per month and at $0 downpayment. It will be available starting Tuesday, January 26 at all T-Mobile stores nationwide and online.

SOURCE: T-Mobile