Now that Verizon has given us more, T-Mobile is chiming in with their own changes. Changes to their JUMP plan are said to be taking place soon. The carrier is said to make these changes effective Februray 23rd, but it seems we’re getting a peek at the gift ahead of time.

T-Mobile’s early-release program will no longer require a six month waiting period, according to the leaked document acquired by tmonews. The magenta carrier is also lifting limitations on how often you can upgrade, and you can trade in and up whenever you like. The program is also being expanded to include tablets into the mix.

Though details are still a bit raw, tmonews is saying their source clarifies the program by detailing eligibility. Those who are already JUMP subscribers “will be grandfathered in and will still be able to upgrade before paying off half of the device, as long as they’ve had JUMP! for 6 months or more.” Furthermore, new customers can upgrade as they like, so long as 50% of the handset is paid. So if you buy a device for $650 and decide two months later you want something else — you’ll have to pay whatever you owe, up to the $325 halfway mark, before you can get a new handset via the program.

The move challenges detractors of the program, and gives us needed reprieve when needed. A six month waiting period is unnecessary, and tablet inclusion is nice — if you’re into ‘connected tablets’. T-Mobile is covering their bottom line while giving us freedom to leave or upgrade as we see fit.