We know Google and LG’s Nexus 4 hasn’t been the easiest phone to get your hands on, and stock hasn’t been very “fulfilling” but it looks like that might be changing soon. We’re hearing a few reports that T-Mobile stores nationwide are set to receive more inventory in the coming days. Online sales have sold out in minutes and the phones been elusive to say the least, but you might have better luck at a retail store soon.

Shipping times have slipped on Google’s Play Store, and T-Mobile shelves have been empty for weeks but new reports claim they’ll have plenty soon. We’ve received a few tips, as well as TMoNews reporting the same story. That story being that multiple retail T-Mobile stores have begun receiving marketing materials for the Nexus 4, even stores that didn’t get it originally. This is leading many to believe that inventory will be arriving shortly.

While the marketing material doesn’t say much other than “The new smartphone from Google IS HERE” it’s the fact that many different stores have all started getting new material to advertise the smartphone. Why send out all those materials if they won’t have devices to sell all these eager customers? Now lets just hope they don’t overcharge due to “supply and demand.”

What this all essentially means is hopefully more retail stores across the country, as well as stores that previously had inventory, will all be getting additional stock of the LG Nexus 4 this weekend or early next week. If that turns out true many buyers will be getting a nice Christmas present from T-Mobile and Google this holiday season.

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