During T-Mobile‘s big event today where they announced their new plan moving forward, no contracts, 4G LTE, and the T-Mobile iPhone we also heard they’d be releasing some pretty aggressive marketing ads. Now just a few moments later it appears a few of those ads are already live, and below we have two pretty awesome videos from T-Mobile to share. Would you rather sign a 2-year contract with your mobile carrier, or get a root canal?

Seriously, that’s one of the questions T-Mobile is apparently asking while out and about on the streets of NYC. In their latest aggressive campaign called Wireless Exposed, T-Mobile will be releasing a few videos exposing the competition and showing consumers why their service is better. With no contracts to lock you down for 2-years, unlimited data, and blazing fast 4G LTE all at the helm. Here’s the first of many videos:

While they don’t actually expose anything, the video is rather entertaining. If he hit me with that microphone I’d probably rip it from his fingers, hit him back and throw it down the street – but that’s just me. The video does get consumers thinking, and it brings up a few interesting points regarding what users actually want. And that’s contract-free mobile service that isn’t awful.

Then with a video I’d consider even more aggressive and to-the-point than the one above is their new Wild West video campaign titled, “T-Mobile. Something Better.” On stage their CEO was pretty excited about this new TV ad spot, and said we can expect plenty of follow-up videos that get even more aggressive and really drive their point home. Take a peek:


So what do you guys think? Do you like the idea of a carrier truly offering unlimited 4G LTE with decent speeds and pricing all with no contract. Are T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier plans something you’re interested in? Hit the links below for everything that was announced, then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.