T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited 4G LTE Plan

An unlimited 4G LTE plan for the whole family used to be just a dream but T-Mobile is now offering the impossible. Yes, the mobile carrier is bringing to the US the first and only unlimited 4G data family plan. Looks like a lot of people are going to have a happy Christmas, eh?

Most parents don’t like to monitor their families’ data usage all the time because it can be nerve-wracking. You don’t want to see you teenager spending hours on senseless web surfing but what can you do especially now when mobile Internet is widely used.

Unlimited data plan will benefit the families who want limitless communication and access to high-speed mobile connection. T-Mobile will offer the new Simple Choice family starting tomorrow, Wednesday. Plan will start at $100 for two people. The plan can accommodate up to 10 people on a multi-line account for $40 more per line. Pay the monthly fee and you’re fee to enjoy the unlimited, nationwide 4G LTE connection.

With the new Un-carrier family plan, you don’t have to worry about domestic or extra charges when you see your bill. The unlimited plan doesn’t have a data cap so you are free to go online on your smartphone as long as the battery is okay. But if you’re connected to 4G LTE all the time, you can expect battery to drain easily, anytime and anywhere.

Below is a comparison of the costs and benefits of the different family plans available  from the major American carriers (4 family members):

comparison family data plan

T-Mobile’s Unlimited 4G LTE family plan offer will be available for a limited time only. There is no expiration date so you can use it even after the offer is no longer available.

It really is the holiday season. What with the mobile carriers throwing special promos that are great deals it’s so hard to choose now. I wonder when the other carriers will follow suit.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


  1. that chart there is a wee bit misleading. Not sure what “Proxy” means in the fine print, but it looks like they are trying to claim that Verizon charges $90 per add-a-line by positioning a 20GB plan in the chart, but then making a comparison based on 40GB, thus calculating the difference based on overages. That’s definitely not a fair comparison. If we’re going to be excited about an offer, let’s play fair with the consumer facing communications.


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