What a cool guy, that Joe Fernandez, he’s the product manager for the fabulous new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G made by Samsung. He’s got not one, but two of the devices sitting right there on the desk inside T-Mobile’s gigantic towers in Bellvue, Washington. He and his pals have made this lovely video to show off the message-centric device to the world in-hand. He notes first the 5-row QWERTY keyboard and how they’ve “brought back” some unique messaging features — from the original line of Sidekicks, the ones without Android, of course.

One of the interesting things you can see while he’s talking about the device is the fact that the back and underside of the device are white and dark gray, while everything you’re able to see from the first press image (just looking straight on from the top) is also dark gray. This is of course just one of the models, the other being a lovely slightly pinker device – the pink you’ll be able to see is on the back of the display once it’s popped up, with the bottom being white.

He notes that the device is very much made for landscape mode, it’s got four buttons on the side (2 on each side, though we’re not sure what they consist of yet.) One of the buttons is sort of a slide-click thing on the left *ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS THANG IS? Next Fernandez goes on to note how this is the first Sidekick with a touch screen, of course the first one with Android, it’ll have 7 homescreens and a ton of pre-loaded widgets and apps out of the box.

Sound interesting to you?



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