If you’re the kind of person who s always concerned with making sure that you’re getting the best out of what you pay for, you’re probably curious as to what exact coverage your mobile carrier is actually giving you. While this data may probably be found in their websites, they don’t necessarily publicize that it is there, for one reason or another. T-Mobile, which calls itself an un-carrier, is breaking the mold by announcing an “accurate” version of this coverage map.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray says that the data presented here is “pure, unfiltered customer data.” What they’re giving us is not what they claim is their cell tower saturation but more on customer feedback and third-party collected data, like from Speedtest.net. This also includes T-Mobile customers that have allowed the carrier, sorry, the un-carrier, to monitor and collect their data, with regards to performance. The data on the map will update every two weeks to give you a more accurate picture.

Yes, it may look like a marketing gimmick, but T-Mobile says what they’re looking for is “accuracy in reporting” which is what customers deserve, if only to see if they’re getting what their money is worth. It also may make people realize that the carrier is actually faster than what they think it is. “We want the rest of the competition to do this. In the future, customers will demand greater visibility on all aspects of their service,” Ray says.

The interactive map can be seen on the T-Mobile main site. It gives you coverage in 100 square meters. It also allows you to give your own feedback, if in case you feel like the data is not accurate from where you are.

VIA: SlashGear, T-Mobile


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