T-Mobile has begun letting MetroPCS users know about some upcoming changes. It seems the “legacy” CDMA MetroPCS network in New England and Las Vegas will be shut down come July 1st. If you happen to be a MetroPCS user in either of those locations you will need to take action.

MetroPCS is touting how customers will be able to move to the “bigger, faster network.” But before that can happen — those customers will need to get a new device. T-Mobile and MetroPCS will be swapping customers CDMA devices for a similar GSM device. Some examples show LG Connect users going to an LG Optimus F6, and LG Motion users going to a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit.

Those two T-Mobile devices normally go for $99 and $49 respectively, however the swap will be free by way of an “instant upgrade credit.” Regardless of how they choose to phrase it — it seems MetroPCS customers in those markets will be taken care of. Naturally, we suggest you take care of this sooner rather than later.

Details are listed on the MetroPCS page linked at the bottom of this post, but the steps are fairly simple. You’ll need to visit a MetroPCS store and make sure to bring your current device. And to clarify, you will need to visit a corporate or exclusive dealer MetroPCS location as the national retail partners such as Walmart and Best Buy are not able to do the swaps.

VIA: phoneScoop




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