We’ve seen enough of those Verizon most reliable 3G network commercials, its time for some change. T-Mobile looks to up the ante by showing off their 75+ 4G areas in some commercials. Now they can show off their network in some commercials that will also be showing off their network.

Tomorrow will be the first day you can purchase the following devices: T-Mobile® myTouch® 4G and T-Mobile’s first 4G netbook, the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 10 4G. These devices will be the fastest of the fast on this new network. Speeds are supposed to get up to 21Mbps and average download speeds near 5 Mbps on the T-Mobile My Touch 4G and up to 12 Mpbs at the highest. T-Mobile plans to also announce a new plan that allows users to use their smartphone as a wireless modem using their network. Imagine the kind of work you could accomplish(or random internet browsing) with these types of speeds just on the go using your phone as a modem. Oh, the T-Mobile commercials will start as well tomorrow(in case you were wondering). Check out the full post at SlashGear link below.

Via [SlashGear]


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