T-Mobile claims they have written over 80,000 “breakup” letters. No, the nation’s #4 carrier is serial dating, they’re doing it for you. According to them, that’s how many of us have sent letters to the other three carriers since T-Mobile announced their scheme to pay our early termination fees. That’s about 10,000 customers daily, fleeing from the other three major carriers and onto T-Mobile, if each letter were a customer.

 It’s not a ploy, either. T-Mobile claims their Uncarrier approach is here to stay. In a conversation with Re/Code, T-Mobile marketing chief Mike Sievert said “This is not just a promotion. What we are trying to do is bring an end to unfair one-way onerous contracts in this country.” Their method has legs, too; prior to T-Mobile’s Jump program, there was no early opt-out program. Now all four major carriers have one.

Sievert isn’t saying how many of us have actually switched over, as the 80,000 letters represent those which were posted to social media, not actual switchovers. T-Mobile also created signs for customers who switch to hold up in stores, which is hokey — but attractive. We’re sure a ton of cars were sold at dealerships nationwide just so people could ring a bell or have their name announced over the PA system. T-Mobile has captured a bit of energy, and CEO John Legere is championing it all.

Legere is active on Twitter, and even tried to crash an AT&T party at CES this year to see Macklemore perform. He prods AT&T’s CEO, and makes no bones about his distaste for industry standards. He also launched into a pretty funny tirade at CES while on-stage, further endearing him to us as an audience. Even if 80,000 haven’t switched just yet, it’s likely they will. Without our even knowing it, T-Mobile just got us to sign letters of intent for their service. Brilliant.