If you’re on T-Mobile and still have your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with you, sorry to say but the carrier will be sending a software update that will deem your phone useless. That is, if you accept the OTA software update. If you hit OK, your phone will soon be unable to charge. Once battery reaches zero, it also means death for your phone. You can choose not to update but there will always be that risk of overheating and possible explosion. Yes, that cloud over your head will never go away.

T-Mobile USA is encouraging all remaining Note 7 owners to have their units exchanged for another Galaxy phone or from a different brand. Samsung is almost done with the investigations and we expect to read about the results anytime soon. Hopefully, Samsung has learned new lessons from this Note 7 fiasco if it wants to keep its loyal followers.

Cutting off network access and limiting battery charging are just some of the ways Samsung and its partner networks are doing right now to ensure that no more Note 7 explosions will happen. We’re not sure if the dead Note 7 can still be refunded but we’re assuming replacements will be ready.

We’re not asking you NOT to hit that OK button when the OTA notification comes but for your safety, turn in that Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It’s a potential fire hazard. You may get a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge instead and wait for the next Galaxy S8.

The OTA update should be ready by now but you can always check manually. Go to Settings> General management > Software update > Download updates manually> OK.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: T-Mobile