It’s been two years since we last featured a mobile hotspot device from T-Mobile. This time around, a much improved version is ready. Officially called as the 4G LTE CellSpot V2, this one looks smaller in form but is said to be cooler with improved ventilation. It’s also more stable with its vertical orientation and definitely faster and more reliable. This one also now adds support for LTE on Band 2 and Band 4. If you’re not satisfied with your broadband connection at home, you can use this as an alternative or maybe as your main Internet option.

The 4G LTE connectivity includes data and voice. You can connect up to 16 devices at once without having to experience noticeable slow down. Recommended is eight devices on 3G or 4G UMTS and another eight on 4G LTE but users must also be subscribed to T-Mobile. It’s good enough for standard mobile Internet use but sadly, it’s not ready for Band 12 700MHZ yet.

If you’re a qualified postpaid user, T-Mobile may provide you the cellspot device for free. You don’t even have to pay for the device. This service takes advantage of your Internet connection at home and a GPS antenna that offers cellular signal when needed. As long as the user is within an area covered by T-Mobile, this 4G LTE cellspot will work.

Another new offer from T-Mobile is the 4G LTE Signal Booster Duo. This one now supports LTE Band 12 (700MHz) so you can experience ultra fast Internet if your phone is eligible. You can get a 4G LTE Signal Booster Duo with a $25 deposit.

VIA: TmoNews

SOURCE: T-Mobile