T-Mobile will release a “post-paid” payment option as soon as tomorrow, or at least that is what the rumor mills have been dishing out. Stories have been flying around for months that T-Mobile was going to be releasing a month-to-month payment option along with the all-familiar annual contract.

Tmonews earlier reported a release date for this service of August 6th but recently stated it will be released on October 8th. Tmonews credits the delay to several technical difficulties. Having an option to pay month by month opens up the door for many more people who are interested in the G1 Android-powered handset. The catch in this case being the initial price of the device. T-Mobile will not give discounts to their phones for those who sign up with the month to month payment plan.

• Postpaid monthly rate plans will be modeled after current
postpaid rate plans including single line, FamilyTime, and myFaves.
T-Mobile @Home rate plans will not be available this time.

• Both new and existing customers can sign up for the new
Postpaid No Annual Contracts rate plans. Existing customers who would
like to switch to these new rate plans are still required to fulfill
their terms of their existing contracts if applicable.

• Annual contract agreements are not required for customers who
sign up for these rate plans, but Activation Fees will still apply and
customers will be required to pass credit checks and meet the same
credit requirements as 1 year and 2 year postpaid customers.

• T-Mobile will also not offer any handset discounts for new
activations of these rate plans. However, dealers have complete
discretion on the pricing they offer on handsets.

Picture provided by Android Community member heyitsnan.

[Via Tmonews]