The OnePlus 7 Pro has been controversial even before it was announced. The Chinese OEM was said to deliver a new flagship phone with 5G connectivity, a special display, and three rear cameras. The device was officially announced a few weeks ago. We’ve even got our hands-on feature. What we thought would have an excellent camera setup turned out to be not so impressive although we’re not giving up. A software update is expected to improve camera performance. It did hit DxOMark and received high scores although we depend more on the actual results and camera samples.

T-Mobile currently offers the OnePlus 7 Pro. It’s an exclusive offer but not exactly perfect because of several issues. Initially, this network variant doesn’t immediately allow installation of international firmware. You need to wait a bit.

That changes as T-Mobile now allows users to install international firmware on their OnePlus 7 Pro in the United States. This means you don’t have to wait for T-Mobile’s build. You can get the global version of the new firmware.

No need to wait for you to pay off the contract or device either because the phone is allowed by T-Mobile to install and unlock a bootloader. What does it mean for regular consumers? Faster update with the international firmware.

You see, OEMs usually rolls out software and firmware updates early but they get delayed because they need to be checked or modified first. T-Mobile has done a good thing in allowing the OnePlus 7 Pro without any SIM unlock. Unlocking a bootloader is no longer necessary.

One XDA dev managed to do it on his own and confirmed that it’s really possible. Note that when you unlock a bootloader, Google Play support may be broken. It may also be more difficult to stream HD DRM-protected content from Netlix or other related streaming apps. It is one disadvantage so we suggest don’t unlock the bootloader as much as possible.

Check out how to install international firmware on the OnePlus 7 Pro T-Mobile variant:

1. Download both of these archives and extract them to a folder you can locate. Archive 1 Archive 2 – Mirror. The encryption keys for archive 1 and archive 2 are below.
2. Open the MSM tool and uncheck the box next to SHA 256.
3. Hold both volume buttons on your OnePlus 7 Pro for 5 seconds, then plug in the USB cable.
4. Watch the running MSM tool on your computer. Once it says “Connected” next to one of the COM ports, press START.
5. Do not unplug your device until it says “success” on screen.
6. You now have international firmware!