The battle between the top U.S. carriers for the prepaid market is truly heating up. After both AT&T and Verizon are offering some interesting offers for those who prefer to have prepaid subscriptions, T-Mobile is now lowering their monthly fee for a limited time only. They didn’t say until when it will be though so if you want to pay just $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data, you better sign up for an account (or more) already.

By lowering its price to just $50 a month, T-Mobile is now cheaper than Verizon’s $65 per month plan and AT&T’s $65 and $85 per month plans. Although, AT&T is offering a $20 discount if you activate a new line and you enroll in autopay for a limited time as well, so that will make it the cheapest among them. Still, $50 per month is not a bad deal and if you’ll get “unlimited” calls, texts, and data (the latter is of course upon set conditions), it should be worth it.

There are some limitations to this $50/month plan, like the text and calls are only for domestic use, as compared to Verizon’s plan which you can use in Mexico and Canada and text to more than 200 countries worldwide. Mobile tethering is also limited only to 3G speeds while your video streaming will only be at 480p quality. So if you need faster speeds for your mobile tethering and if you want higher quality for your videos, then this may not be the plan for you.

Also, if you use more than 50GB of data per month, you’ll notice your connection might slow down as it’s part of their “data prioritization”. Regular 4G speed will be returned to you with your next bill cycle. However, T-Mobile didn’t indicate how long this offer will run except to say it’s a “limited-time offer”.

Carriers previously did not pay attention to their prepaid subscribers but as more people want to not be tied to 2-year contracts with carries, we’re seeing this market segment grow. This is just the latest of the prepaid battles among the top 3 carriers. Is T-Mobile’s offer appealing for you?

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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