Someone predicted a few years back that pretty soon, mobile carriers would be obsolete since people will be doing all their messaging and calling through the Internet. Well, carriers are still here but one of them has realized that the second part of that prediction has already come true and so they are slowly adapting their business model to that scenario. T-Mobile is now flaunting that all their subscribers (given their phones have the capability to do so) will now be able to do free WiFi calling.

WiFi Unleashed brings to all Simple Choice plan holders free WiFi calling and texting through all the new smartphones they’re offering. And if your smartphone is stuck in the year 2005 and cannot do that yet, their upgrade program called JUMP! is offering an exclusive enrolment window so you can get yourself a newer device. You don’t need a separate app to be able to enjoy the free WiFi calls, you just use your phone as it is.

And if your house or office seems to not have a clear Wifi connection, T-Mobile is also offering the Personal CellSpot device, which is basically a WiFi router “with a unique patent-pending technology that prioritizes voice calls for crystal clear HD Voice.” For a $25 deposit for subscribers and $99 for prepaid users, the device comes with a 802.11ac, USB 3.0 connectivity and has a range of around 3,000 square feet. It will supposedly help you have better free WiFi calls and if you have a phone that is capable of VoLTE, then audio and video will be better.

T-Mobile, specifically CEO John Legere, has had a colorful history of directly “confronting” rival carriers over their non-subscriber friendly offers. This new offer from the “un-carrier” might just further change the way people do their calls and relate to their carriers, as long as the data offers and connection remain reasonable and more than adequate.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


    • Google hangouts + google voice means you can make outbound calls from any wifi connection (using normal phone numbers). You need to have the latest Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer. It only works if you have a google voice number, but you can dial any normal phone number this way, and for free. Only works on outbound calls though. Google voice is free, but you do need to tie it to an existing phone number (usually your cell, but it can be any voice line)


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