Will T-Mobile continue with their “tradition” of shipping flagship devices ahead of the actual official launch date? Or are they just letting their customers know that they’re getting ready? It seems that the carrier has sent out a text message to those who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, saying that their phablet is being shipped soon. There wasn’t a specific date so we’re not really sure if they will receive the device ahead of the September 15 launch or if they’ll have to wait until then.

The text message from T-Mobile simply states that their order is already being packed and will start shipping soon. They also reminded the customers that their cards will automatically be charged as soon as the product is shipped, which is pretty standard for pre-orders. But as to when they will start shipping, that is still the question. Previously, with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 and the much more successful Galaxy S8, several customers received their smartphones before the actual launch.

In T-Mobile’s official shipping dates page, they have listed September 13 as the date when they start shipping the Note 8, so depending on where you are, you might actually get it before September 15. If they do ship earlier and people start posting about receiving the phablet before everyone else, then that should be good publicity for the carrier.

A lot is riding on the public reception of the Galaxy Note 8, after the whole Note 7 fiasco. While early reviews seem to be really good, the real test is when people actually get hold of the phablet. And hopefully, there are no overheating batteries catching on fire this time.