In most cases we would suggest grabbing the Nexus 4 direct from the Google Play Store and avoiding the contract, however we realize that cost is often an issue and that being the case — it is hard to argue with a $50 purchase price. Granted, that is $50 along with a two-year commitment, however that somehow seems much nicer as compared to the regular T-Mobile purchase price of $200. Basically, for a limited time, T-Mobile has the Nexus 4 selling at a deep discount.

This lower price will remain in effect through February 18 and we should point out that this is a web only offer. T-Mobile has the price broken down by instant discount, web-only discount and mail-in rebate. In the end you will only be paying $49.99, however there is that mail-in rebate, which in this case is $50. In other words, you will still need to be ready to shell out $99.99 to make the purchase.

Aside from T-Mobile, the Nexus 4 also remains available (noted as shipping soon) with the Google Play Store where the 8GB model is $299 and the 16GB model is $349. We should also clarify, the model available with T-Mobile has 16GB of storage space. And it almost goes without saying, however you are not going to be seeing any deep discounts direct from Google.


The Nexus 4 inventory seemed to normalize with T-Mobile a short while back, but we do have to wonder — how long will that last with such a deep drop in price? Anyone tempted by this T-Mobile offer, or will you still be looking towards the Play Store for your Nexus 4 purchase?

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