Just since yesterday when the T-Mobie myTouch ROM was leaked, there’s been a little treasure chest full of goodies uncovered! A kind fellow from the crew over at Android Central, Jerry Hildenbrand, has prepared a file download with a few wallpapers pulled from the ROM, available for download on 4Shared – be sure you click the BLUE download button, wait the 20 seconds, then click the Download file now button. Then there’s more treats! More, you say? What could I possibly want more than a zebra background image?

Also from the streets is a XDA forum member matthewjulian who reveals a Yahoo Chat application which he ripped out and posted in a thread from whens you can download it for yourself. It’s confirmed to be working on a big list of devices: Evo 4G, Vibrant, Moto Droid(1), HD2(Android), Epic 4G, Galaxy S, i9000M, Captivate, Droid Incredible, and MyTouch 3G Slide. Matthewjulian notes that the person you’re calling with it must have video capabilities on their end. But why, you ask? Because this is video chat! Hooray for the world!

[Via Android Guys]