Once again, T-Mobile is trying to upset the carrier market with its Un-carrier ways, now on version 6.0. This time, it is training its crosshairs on one of the fastest growing pastimes on mobile devices, aside from YouTube and cat photos. With its new music streaming and Internet radio offering, T-Mobile is setting your music free, not just from network limits but even from price.

Music Freedom is how T-Mobile aptly calls it. Offered to its Simple Choice customers, it is a music streaming service that is totally what its name says: free. It will cost nothing but, unlike other free offerings from other sources, it will have no limits either. For one, you will not be limited by your 4G LTE data plan, as music streaming won’t be counted towards your data consumption. In short, even if you have already hit your cap for the month, you will still be able to listen to your favorite tunes any time. And if that weren’t good enough, you are also free to choose the music service or app of your preference. You won’t be tied down to any single blessed product and can switch between Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes Radio, Slacker, Spotify, and all the rest. This is truly music freedom at its finest.


But T-Mobile is also partnering with Rhapsody to bring its customers unRadio, the Un-carrier Internet Radio. Unlike Music Freedom, you will be limited to using Rhapsody’s service. But in exchange, you will be given features that might make the limitation quite worth it. There will definitely be no ads to ruin your mood, and you can skip around as many times as you like. Discovered a song you like? Mark it for on-demand listening later or even download it for your convenience. Create your own playlists or enjoy the ones that have been programmed for you. And go beyond your hometown, state, or even country as you listen to thousands of stations across the country and the globe. And all these for practically no price at all.

Both Music Freedom and unRadio are offered to T-Mobile Simple Choice subscribers at no cost. However, other T-Mobile customers can also avail of unRadio for $4 a month. T-Mobile also made an announcement that would probably make Android fans’ hearts bleed. The new 7 Night Stand Test Drive program will let customers try out the carrier’s network for 7 days absolutely free, pretty much like what Motorola did with the Moto X did for a brief period. Unfortunately, this offer is limited to the iPhone 5s only.

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