T-Mobile launched their LTE network back towards the end of March with coverage for seven markets. While seven markets is fairly small as compared to carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T, T-Mobile had previously announced plans to have LTE available for 100 million users by mid-year and 200 million users by years end.

We have yet to see any specifics from T-Mobile on which will be the next markets to go live, however some details have recently begun showing up online. Basically, it is looking like the T-Mobile LTE rollout will continue in May and then again in June. Neither of these will are expected to be large scale, but it does appear as if things are progressing nicely towards that mid-year goal of 100 million.

The May rollout is tipped to include Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii and Richmond, Virginia as well as Minneapolis and Austin/San Antonio. Other markets that are a possibility for launch in May include Stockton and Modesto as well as parts of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland and Fremont.

Time will tell if these launches arrive in May as is currently expected. Otherwise, there isn’t as much detail in terms of the June launches at the moment. As of now it is being reported that T-Mobile is planning for as many as 24 LTE market launches in June. All said and done, assuming these locations and numbers hold up, T-Mobile could be looking at around 40 LTE markets by June.

[via TmoNews]