Earlier in the month we heard an LTE status update from T-Mobile. At the time there was details in terms of upcoming markets that would be getting coverage, and there was also mention about how the carrier expected to have LTE coverage available for more than 230 million people by months end.

Well, we have yet to see any sort of press release announcement, however T-Mobile CEO John Legere has recently take to Twitter with the confirmation. According to details shared by Legere; T-Mobile has meet their goal of 230 million. As one may expect from Legere, that isn’t where things stopped.

He also used this as an opportunity to let everyone know they are still going strong, and poke at Sprint a little bit. The tweet from Legere read as follows;

“Neville confirmed we hit 230M POPs of LTE! Met our goal but still going! Where you at @Sprint? I hear you’re running behind. #sprintlikehell”

While some may not be sold on T-Mobile, the regularly expanding LTE coverage, along with some of the Uncarrier releases they are doing certainly give reason to pay attention. And for those considering a switch, but not sure about the local coverage — remember that as part of the recent Uncarrier news — T-Mobile is giving one week test drives (with an iPhone) for free.

VIA: 9to5 Mac


  1. This is excellent news. I still have no immediate plans to switch to T-Mobile from Verizon, as of yet. However, hopefully these upgrades T-Mobile is performing will change the consumer market to the point where customers of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint will see lower prices and seek to serve better quality.


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