T-Mobile, the carrier who is disrupting an entire industry, is at it again. VoLTE, once thought to be left to big players like Verizon and AT&T, is coming to T-Mobile as well. Not only will they start offering VoLTE, they’ve got three devices capable of handling the emerging technology.

The service, which T-Mobile has launched in Seattle, can be used with three handsets. The LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and mid-range Galaxy Light will all have VoLTE capabilities. Of course, to make a true VoLTE call, you’ll need to call someone else on the service who has a compatible smartphone.

T-Mobile also promises the calls you make on VoLTE will switch over to HSPA+ or 2G service seamlessly, should you wander outside of an LTE area. The call set-up time is also said to be quicker, and running data while in a call will be at LTE speeds.

T-Mobile didn’t say when their VoLTE service would venture outside of Seattle, so consider it a beta program for now. If you have one of the devices listed above, and live in an LTE area in Seattle, you’ll need a firmware update before the new calling tech will work.

Source: T-Mobile