Though we witness it routinely, the subtle brilliance of T-Mobile’s approach to wireless is sometimes lost on us all. A wholly different approach, T-Mobile’s ‘Uncarrier’ method drives the competition mad, and often leaves them scrambling to keep pace. On top of winning over customers, T-Mobile has now been recognized for their efforts.

Each year, Fast Company puts forth a list of innovators, companies that are actually making a difference in their respective field. This year, they’ve added T-Mobile to that list. Falling in at number 20, T-Mobile has been recognized as an innovative company, not just a carrier. Led by endearing madman John Legere, T-Mobile has created a way that both pleases customers, and distances themselves from the competition on several levels.

Though we’re used to seeing others on the list — Tesla, Nike, Google, Phillips — a carrier is almost unheard of. To that end, T-Mobile is the only carrier on the list, and tied with Tesla. Other mobile brands are on there (Xiaomi sits at the number three spot, and rightly so), but T-Mobile is the only one amongst its carrier peers seen as being truly innovative.

Between the incredible growth T-Mobile has seen since their turnaround, and willingness to call the industry’s bluffs, the Uncarrier is the wildcard with the most to gain — most notably, customers from other carriers. With no signs of letting up — or putting their guard down — the competition has a lot to consider with T-Mobile. Between giving employees equity in the company and customers a reason to switch, T-Mobile might find itself a bit higher on the list come 2015.