T-Mobile has just ended their handset upgrade fee, which adds $18 to the cost of any upgraded mobile phone. T-Mobile reportedly ended the feels on Wednesday and will be applied to all outlets whether it be purchased through the online store, retail location or over the phone.

This also applies to those who have been patiently waiting for an upgrade and are picking up the Android-powered T-Mobile G1. This is yet another testament that patience pays off, early adopters loose again. T-Mobile is offering this as a promotion for this holidays and has not set an ending date on this offer. This is “another way T-Mobile is thanking its loyal customers”.

We all know the upgrade fees raised a lot of negative publicity for T-Mobile right around the announcement of the T-Mobile G1 because new members were getting a better deal that existing customers. The advertized price with a two-year agreement was $179.99, but loyal customers were paying more like $200 for the G1. Lets just hope this promotion is so popular that T-Mobile decides to hang onto it.

[Via SlashGear]


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