T-Mobile isn’t stopping with the Binge On program. We can expect that the mobile carrier will continue to come up with more services and deals that will benefit the customers. After all, that’s what CEO John Legere said–that T-Mobile simply wants to advance the interests of the consumers. The next Un-carrier move that will make you get a new phone from T-Mobile is the Half-off Smartphone Event which started yesterday, January 27.

This smartphone event allows families to upgrade their phones and get more savings. Simple Choice customers can get the phone models they want at half the price. Only those phones under Un-carrier can be availed. Some of the models available include Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, LG G4, and LG V10.

Choose from new models from Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers and get a half-price discount when you buy another unit from the same brand. For example, get a second LG V10 for only $12.50/month or a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 for only $12.08 per month for two years. Up to six new smartphones can be availed without any trade-in payment. It’s that easy.

This new promo is offered for a limited time. Check out the phones on the website before heading to a T-Mobile store.

SOURCE: T-Mobile