T-Mobile has built a reputation not just for its own offerings and promos, but also for hitting hard at its competition. They do not hold back when it comes to criticizing other carriers and trying to disprove their claims. Their confidence in what they can offer their consumers continues to grow, and the latest one they are introducing is a couple of new technologies to make their connections even faster: 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM and 64 QAM.

Okay, those may sound like gibberish or math problems for some, but if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber or if you plan to be one, those are going to be pretty important things if you like your Internet speeds fast (who doesn’t?). 4×4 MIMO actually stands for multiple input, multiple output and what it does is to double the number of data paths from a cell site and your phone and vice versa. This service has already rolled out to 319 cities across the US but the only devices so far that are compatible with it would be the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge when they receive their software update.

Meanwhile, 256 QAM (quadruple amplitude modulation) which is for downloads and and the 64 QAM are for uploads, will also increase your speeds since it increases the number of bits per transmission. So if you combine this with the 4×4 MIMO, then you can get as fast as 400 Mbps. They’re already live in half their network and by October, every cell site will already be “lighted” up. Again, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will get an update next month so they can experience this, but more phones will be added too.

You probably won’t find out about these things if you gave up reading their official announcement because almost half of it is actually criticism about Verizon and their LTE Advanced announce,eat, which T-Mobile says they have been offering since 2014. They also announced that they are nearing the 312 million landmark of coverage, saying that the coverage number offered by its rivals aren’t accurate.

SOURCE: T-Mobile



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