It looks like T-Mobile is getting ready to make some changes to their unlimited data hotspot bundles. The details are coming by way of some leaked screenshots and although the details suggest the changes should already be in effect, there are some mixed reports in terms of availability. That being said, it looks like the carrier has bumped the hotspot allowances for those using an unlimited data plan.

These plans once began with 500MB of mobile hotspot for $20. Thanks to the bump coming from T-Mobile, the new setup will have the $20 plan jump to 2.5GB of mobile hotspot data. This 2.5GB option was previously priced at $30 per month. Otherwise, rounding out these new options and we see a $30 level with 4.5GB and a $40 level with 6.5GB.

Moving forward it looks like current customers with these plans will be seeing some change. According to details coming from this leak, 500MB customers will receive a notification when they “get close to the 500MB tethering limit.” From here they will be updated to the new 2.5GB option upon request.

Those using the 2.5GB or 4.5GB hotspot option will also be getting an increase in allowance. Except unlike the 500MB option which will need to be requested, T-Mobile will be automatically updating the 2.5GB and 4.5GB customers. Those with these plans will be updated to 4.5GB (from 2.5GB) and to 6.5GB (from 4.5GB) by September 14th.

Bottom line, moving forward T-Mobile will be offering 2.5GB, 4.5GB and 6.5GB options for mobile hotspost with unlimited data plans. There plans are $20, $30 and $40 per month respectively and serve to replace the previous three options of 500MB, 2.5GB and 4.5GB.