This afternoon we finally learned that Verizon will be carrying the impressive HTC One smartphone, sometime this year. However, all those on other carriers have been enjoying it for well over a month. If you’re one of those proud owners on T-Mobile we just learned that they’ll be sending a quick bug fixing update to handsets starting today.

So while Verizon users wait to even get the smartphone, T-Mobile is already busy updating and improving their version of “The One” smartphone. It’s a very minor update, in every sense of the word minor, and apparently looks to only be fixing some issues with visual voicemail. I’m asking myself who still leaves voicemails? I know I don’t.

According to the T-Mobile support page the update should be arriving today, as we speak, and will continue to roll out until June 16th. Where you’ll then need to manually check for updates to pull down the latest and greatest. As you can see from the image below, there’s really nothing too exciting about it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.06.06 PM

The HTC One on T-Mobile is getting a tiny little 18 MB update that is listed as bringing “Visual Voicemail performance” and that is all. T-Mobile does however mention to make sure battery is above 50% before updating, but we’re expecting this to be an extremely quick update. There’s no other details on what this might fix, if any, but if you notice any changes after rebooting drop us a comment below.