This update has been floating around for a while now, with Verizon actually hinting that their update to Android 4.4.3 might come out today. As it happens, it looks like T-Mobile HTC One M8 users will be the first to get the update, as Verizon says it needs to “re-spin” the update and might delay the rollout.

For T-Mo users, the update may not have shown up on your notifications yet, but as per GSM Arena, a certified T-Mo HTC One M8 user has let them know (with pictures) that the update is indeed rolling out which includes – among other new stuff – Android 4.4.3. There are major firmware updates that should improve network performance (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Mobile Network), and new versions of the Camera, Gallery, Settings and HTC Sync manager apps. Lastly, there are also updates to the BoomSound experience, Extreme Power Saving Mode, Motion Launch and Quick Setting. All in all a tasty update for T-Mo HTC One users.

For Verizon users, it seems that mid-September is the latest the update will roll out. According to HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie and HTC VP for the HTC One M8 Mo Versi, they had to recall the impending update – which should have rolled out today – because of some issues that need to be tweaked. No information was given as to what issues these were, but it unfortunately pushes the update out of August and into September at the earliest.

There is confirmation for Verizon users though, that the update will finally make available the Extreme Power Saving Mode that turns off a number of battery hungry features and allows your phone to last for more hours even on critical power levels. Worth noting that AT&T and T-Mobile units of the HTC One M8 got this feature in May this year.

VIA: Droid Life, TMOnews
SOURCE: @JasonMacHTC / @moversi