If you are one of the many that call themselves a bargain shopper this upcoming deal from T-Mobile is one you wont want to miss. Starting Saturday T-Mobile will be having what they are calling their Yes, Every Smartphone Is on Sale, Sale”. T-Mobile will be offering all of their popular smartphones and smart devices like the LG G-slate and more all for the low low price of under $99 dollars. Obviously with an amazing deal like so there are a few catches, more details below.

As with any awesome deal you can expect to have to jump through a few hoops or sign your life away, and here we must do both. In order to quality users must sign a “new” 2-year contract as well as deal with a pesky mail in rebate, but when all is said and done you’ll have an awesome phone or tablet at a steal of a price.

From Crackberries to the HTC Sensation, Exhibit 4G and everything in between all devices are on sale from $0-$99 dollars with Saturday’s one day sale. Unless you sign a new 2-year contract the deal isn’t much of a deal except for the mail in rebate part based on the device you plan to snag. Either way a deal is a deal and figured you’d love to hear about it and run down to your nearest T-Mobile come Saturday. More details are available at T-mobile.com

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