If you’re a baseball fan and a T-Mobile subscriber, then it’s a good time to be digitally alive! Your carrier has been giving out some freebies every Tuesday as part of their Get Thanked campaign and for this week, you will get free access to MLB.TV Premium, which also includes an At Bat premium. This means you will be able to access not just the 2017 regular season but also the out-of-market games and other specials that only subscribers can get.

If you want this treat and you’re already a T-Mobile subscriber, all you need to do is have the T-Mobile Tuesday app which is where you will be able to get what are their special treats released every, you got it, Tuesday. The MLB.TV Premium subscription, which lasts almost a year and will expire in February 28, 2018, will include on-demand content that you can watch on supported devices. You will also be able to home and away broadcasts, live games, live game DVR feature, multi-game viewing, etc.

Another one included in the subscription is the At Bat premium where you can access the 2017 season games, which also includes access on your Android smartphone and Kindle Fire tablets. The MLB.TV Premium content can be accessed on set top boxes as well when you connect the device to the account through your MLB.com account.

Baseball fans will be the ones to fully benefit from this Tuesday treat of course, although if you’re trying to get into America’s (arguably) favorite sport, then this should be the best time to do it. Don’t forget that you need to get the T-Mobile Tuesday app first to avail of this freebie, exclusive for T-Mobile subscribers.

VIA: SlashGear