If you live in or around Kansas City, Missouri and you happen to be a T-Mobile customer, you might be experiencing better 4G speeds today. That’s because T-Mobile has improved its 4G offerings at many “popular locations” around the city, specifically mentioning that 4G speeds are now available in “Arrowhead Stadium, Westport, Power and Light Districts, The Legends and in surrounding areas including Jackson, Johnson and Wyandotte counties” in its announcement. T-Mobile customers are getting better voice and data coverage with this roll out, and the company says that you can expect faster data speeds if you’re using an unlocked device.

This roll out in Kansas City is just one small part of T-Mobile’s larger plan to enhance its 4G network across the country. The struggling carrier is plopping down a whopping $4 billion for this 4G expansion, so you can tell that it isn’t fooling around. This Kansas City announcement comes just a few weeks after the carrier boosted its 4G network in Las Vegas, and there’s much more to come.

T-Mobile is obviously hitting the big markets first, focusing its initial efforts places like New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles. As time goes on, we’ll see the carrier begin to hit more rural areas of the country, with the hope of patching up its currently spotty network in an attempt to pull people away from AT&T and Verizon. In its announcement today, T-Mobile reminds potential subscribers that they can bring their unlocked phones in to save a bit of money on data plans over the big guys – something to consider if you’ve been on the lookout for a new carrier.

Just recently, T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom confirmed that its moving forward with plans to acquire MetroPCS, which should do a lot to beef up T-Mobile’s network here in the United States. With that purchase, T-Mobile could potentially become number three behind Verizon and AT&T, but it might have that opportunity snatched away from it thanks to SoftBank’s freshly-announced acquisition of Sprint. Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be a T-Mobile subscriber, as the carrier’s 4G network will continue to get better in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for more information on this roll out!