Just because they can (okay, there are marketing reasons of course), T-Mobile is giving out one, free extra line for their subscribers who have at least two voice lines already under the T-Mobile One plan, or even those who are still on the Simple Choice plans. Whatever you want to do with this extra line, it’s there for the taking if you want it. This means that if you availed of the two lines for $100 promo under the One plan, then you’ll actually save $40 since you get three lines for the same price (it’s $140 under normal circumstances).

The free line applies to anyone who has subscribed to any T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice and Simple Choice No Credit plans, as well as those who are on small business plans with up to 11 lines. Now what do you do with the extra line if you get it? Well, the logical answer would be of course to let a family member or friend use it with the T-Mobile One unlimited plan. But if you’re not feeling that generous, you can keep it and use it for your new tablet or smartwatch so you don’t have to always wait for WiFi connection. You can also use it for your car to create a 4G LTE hotspot.

T-Mobile is trying to get people to switch to their unlimited One plan (well, unlimited but you get throttled if you go beyond 28GB on a congested network) as they’re no longer accepting new users for the previous Simple Choice plans as of January this year. So if you’re looking for an extra line and want to save up $40, the two lines for $100 plan doesn’t seem too bad since you’re actually getting three.

To avail of this thank you from John Legarde and company, head on over to any T-Mobile store and make sure that you have at least two voice plans on any eligible plan and that your plans are on good standing (meaning you’re paying on time and all. This is for a limited time only so you better take them up on their offer.

SOURCE: T-Mobile