T-Mobile announced and began rolling out an update for the Galaxy S5 last week. And well, it looks like the update has since been halted. T-Mobile has kept the details to a minimum, however they have said the update “has been paused.”

This particular update was bringing a fix that was supposed to take care of intermittent incoming SMS/MMS message failures. And to clarify here — T-Mobile hasn’t said whether the pausing of this update was due to delivery issues, or with issues that sprung up as a result of the update.

For now they shared this message on the Galaxy S5 support page.

“The Samsung Galaxy S 5 Software update to G900TUVU1ANE5 via OTA or Kies has been paused. This post will be updated when further details are available.”

This update had began on May 22nd and was expected to wrap up on June 10th. Given this delay we suspect T-Mobile will be pushing the June 10th end date out a bit. But as always, we’ll have to wait for the official word from T-Mobile. Bottom line here, if you are carrying a T-Mobile branded Galaxy S5 you can stop looking for the update — at least for now.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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