Samsung’s new flagship smartphone the GALAXY S 4 might be all the rage right now, but the folks from T-Mobile aren’t giving up on the older brother just yet. Some new details have confirmed Samsung and T-Mobile will be releasing a 4G LTE capable budget priced Galaxy S III early next month. Now that T-Mobile has a 4G LTE network, it’s time to upgrade all those phones.

Luckily all those Galaxy Note II owners were able to just accept an over the air update to enable 4G LTE on their handsets, but with the Galaxy S III you won’t be so lucky. Now that the GALAXY S 4 is readily available T-Mobile and others have lowered the price on the Galaxy S III, so some could get the new LTE version for quite cheap.

According to TmoNews details, the new 4G LTE capable Galaxy S III on T-Mobile will be launching on June 5th, although we don’t have a price to confirm. The leak states they’ll be replacing the supply with the 4G LTE model, so it sounds like the new low price should remain in tact. You could get it for as low as $69.99 from select T-Mobile installment plans.

Then, in just a few days on May 29th, we’re also hearing the Galaxy Exhibit will also hit T-Mobile with 4G LTE. Which is a budget aimed mid-range phone that we first saw way back in February, but haven’t heard much about after. That dual-core Android 4.1 Jelly Bean phone should be even cheaper, and another great option for Tmo customers.

While many will probably opt for the GALAXY S 4 for the bigger screen, better features, and updated version of Android the Galaxy S III with LTE will be a great option for those looking to spend a little less. We’ll update when we learn more details or hear it from T-Mobile themselves.


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