There hasn’t been much talk about Isis lately. The Google Wallet competitor made up of many partners including T-Mobile, Verizon, and other carriers that want to do things their own way. Today T-Mobile and Samsung have issued an update for their Galaxy S II smartphone that makes the device the first Isis-ready smartphone.

The update is a rather small one from T-Mobile and is only available using Samsung Kies software to update, not over the air. Is it just me or are some getting fed up with Samsung not allowing simple over the air wireless updates. In order to accept the new update users will be required to be running the latest official update to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich for the T-Mo Galaxy S II.

The update changelog is extremely small and doesn’t bring anything too exciting — except Isis. We have the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, but that is all. Then you’ll notice Isis/NFC update. This is making the device the first Isis ready smartphone to try the new mobile payment solution to take on Google Wallet.

We’re not sure if the update actually brings Isis to the device as a pre-installed app, or just makes it ready for usage. Either way be sure and get the latest Samsung Kies, update the device, and give it a try. Personally I’ve been a fan of Google Wallet since the beginning, but more competition usually works out best for us consumers. Let us know how the update goes in the comments below. More details can be found at the T-Mobile support page.

[device id=1661]

[via Android Police]


  1. I just performed the update on my device, updated to 4.0.4 but nothing else really new. Definitely did not have the isis app…

  2. I just installed the update on my T-Mobile Galaxy S2. I dont see any new ISIS app but it is now running 4.0.4, from what I have seen so far is the settings layout is a little different and 4.0.4 also brings alot of bug fixes. I will check back here after I have used the phone for a few hours.


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