The Samsung Galaxy Note II is headed to the US in a big way, being announced as coming to 5 major US carriers by the end of the month or early November. Today the T-Mobile version of the popular phablet has been spotted hanging out in the wild. We already knew the Note II was headed to T-Mobile, but this is a good sign.

The original Note was for AT&T only, and other carriers customers have been hoping for something similar. Now the Note II comes along and Samsung confirmed it was headed to all major US carriers last month — which eased the minds of many. That makes this leak not all that important, but it is a good sign for T-Mobile customers.

Being out and in the wild already means T-Mobile is pretty far in their testing stages, and are most likely on track for a late October launch, possibly early November. US Cellular is the only carrier so far that has announced a date, which is in October, and that’s all we know at this point. Another good sign is there’s no branding on the home button. Verizon’s Galaxy Note II leaked with their logo plastered on the home button — but most likely it won’t ship that way.

So for now this is nothing more than a sighting of the T-Mobile flavor. While we still don’t have additional details on pricing or release dates — from any other carriers — this is a sure sign that we’ll be hearing something from Magenta soon. Will you be getting the Galaxy Note II? If you’re still not sure check out our two hands-on videos linked to below.

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[via TmoNews]