If you’re the proud owner of a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone it looks like the folks from Samsung and T-Mobile are pushing out a quick software update this morning. All you Note II owners should be on the lookout to accept an update that should fix a few problems, most notably that Exynos exploit we mentioned late last year.

Yup, today T-Mobile is issuing a software update for their Note II. Back in December we learned about a potentially damaging exploit and bug in Samsung’s Exynos kernel, and reports are claiming that is one of many small bugs being fixed here today. Last month Samsung vowed to quickly fix the problem and this appears to be them keeping that promise.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.32.21 AM

As usual, you can find all of the details and information from T-Mobile support pages as well as above. Like with most updates you’ll be able to accept an over the air update and quickly move along with your day, or use Samsung Kies should you choose to manually update.

Aside from the Samsung Exynos exploit we aren’t too sure what other bugs are being fixed, but rest assured a few fixes and improvements are surely present. T-Mobile doesn’t state what, and only mentions “various fixes.” Either way things should be steadily improved. Enjoy the update and drop us a comment if you notice anything different or have issues.

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[via TmoNews]