If you’ve been waiting to see HTC show off the T-Mobile G2 in some of their commercials, you don’t have to wait any longer. Just as the other advertisements have been, the point of the ad is not to highlight every single feature of the device, but to narrow it down to a wide variety of them, and show them in action. Even just a glimpse of the calendar, or the messaging app, and the slide-out physical keyboard, all go a long way to showcase the strengths of the device.

There are two of them this time, both of them focusing on the way that we use our phone to take control of every day life. The first one goes as far as to call you the CEO of your own family. Going through the features, like the camera and text messaging. Both commercials show the landscape keyboard in all its glory, adding that bit of physical keyboard goodness that people out there, at least a few of them, still prefer. You can check out both videos below.



[via HTC YouTube; via HTC YouTube]