While we’re waiting for T-Mobile and HTC to actually officially announce the device, we’re seeing it pop up everywhere. Not only have we already seen what it looks like, now bold individuals out there can even play with the device’s ROM. The ROM in particular is meant for a test build of the G2, but it is running Android 2.2. And, from what we’ve heard from chatter around the ‘web, we’re hearing that it’s actually stock Android, without any User Interface skinning.

We can also confirm that the device that made its way into the FCC yesterday, with model code PC101000 is indeed the G2. We’re guessing that there’s plenty of people out there already playing around with this, inspecting it for all the gory details and secrets, and that’s a good thing. It hit the Internet earlier today, and with how fast developments happen in the development field, we’re not surprised it’s not already showing up on devices. If that’s even possible at this point. But if you do get some time to play with it, let us know in the comments what you find. You can find the download through the source link below.

[via AndroidGuys]