It’s no secret now that Amazon has a thing for discounting things. And when it comes to smartphones, especially the anticipated ones that everyone wants to touch, it’s always a good thing to see that the digital retailer is knocking off the price. This time around, it’s the T-Mobile G2, and it’s getting quite the price drop courtesy of Amazon.

As usual, there’s plenty of other goodies to toss around, too. You’ll have to sign a new, two-year agreement to get the lowered cost (no surprise there), but you’ll get 2 day free shipping to make sure the deal is just that much better for you. The price you get for the new agreement is $79.99, which is quite a big price drop. And, you don’t even need to send in a mail-in rebate, either, which should just be the icing on the cake. Head on over to Amazon to check it out for yourself.

[via Tmo News]