With everyone throwing in there pre-orders as quickly as possible it comes as a surprise that supplies are quickly running out. Until now no one has noticed the odd absence of the white model. It seems just about everyone wants the black version of the first Android. This explains the odd lack of the white version at T-Mobile’s announcement. In fact only one was spotted.

When users call in to try and order the white G1 not only are they told there are under 1,000 devices left for pre-order, but the white model is not for sale as of yet due to paint chipping. Sounds like we are having another Helio Kickflip issue. Ironically the device’s paint would start to chip and peel to reveal a white plastic.

Hopefully the white model will be available for purchase very soon as its popularity raises. This issue must have dramatically reduced pre-order supplies. For those who are planning on ordering the G1 before October 22nd and don’t mind black or brown act now, supplies are very limited and you haven’t much time.

[Via Android Community]


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