According to the T-Mobile G1 event today and the T-Mobile pre-order page, you can get the long-awaited phone for as low as $179 come October 22nd. But some members of our Android Community have found their pre-order price to be exponentially higher.

In fact, one member pre-ordered the device for a whopping $299. That’s a significant leap from the flat-out stated $179 price tag. The pre-order page isn’t quite so firm with the “as low as” language, but this will no doubt upset quite a few people.

The only individuals allowed to pre-order the G1 at the moment are current T-Mobile customers. Perhaps this higher price is for those that do not agree to the two-year contract terms or have a much older phone and plan? It’s interesting to say the least and while most people expect to pay a bit more in taxes and fees, a hundred and then some more is a lot.


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